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Terms and conditions

What is covered?

If you suffer a breakdown of your domestic gas boiler and/or associated controls, you are covered for call-out, parts, labour & VAT. Your policy covers the repair of your gas fired central heating boiler (excluding warm air and LPG heating systems). The maximum permissible output of your domestic gas fired boiler under this cover is 40kW.

What is not covered?

You will not be covered for problems caused by failure of the external public services to the property. The policy does not cover the cost of replacement or repair where the boiler is beyond economical repair. On occasions where a boiler is found to be beyond economical repair (where the cost of repairs exceeds the current value of the boiler) a £300 discount will be given towards the cost of a new gas boiler supplied and fitted by RM Plumbing and Gas Services Ltd.

Who is eligible to apply?

All homeowners are eligible to apply, unless the property is a mobile home, bedsit, in multiple occupancy or is used for commercial purposes, in which case the property can’t be covered. Council and Housing Association tenants will not need this service and private tenants are advised to check with their landlord before applying.

When will I be covered?

Your policy starts the day your application is processed. To prevent claims on pre-existing problems and to keep premiums low, there is a period of 28 days where you will not be covered, giving you 11 months’ cover in your first year.




Annual Service Exclusions

  • Separate gas heaters providing hot water
  • Broken boilers
  • LPG fueled boilers and dual-purpose boilers (e.g. Aga or Rayburn)
  • Fix any part of the domestic central heating system which is too difficult to access safely, or is impossible/impractical to maintain because of its position
  • Service equipment that has not been installed, serviced or maintained in accordance with statutory regulations, British Standards or manufacturer’s instructions
  • Carry out other remedial work as part of your Service. An unsafe boiler will be switched off and isolated, and repairs will then be carried out within your cover limits
  • Descale or repair any damage caused by hard water scale deposits, or damage caused by aggressive water or sludge, resulting from corrosion
  • Carry out a boiler service if parts are not available
  • We undertake the right to remove a boiler from our cover if it is deemed unrepairable or if it has obsolete parts.


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